How To Stand Out At Work In A Good Way

How To Stand Out At Work In A Good Way

We all want to be successful at work and make our mark. But finding ways to stand out among the crowd of your coworkers is often easier said than done. No matter what your job is, there are plenty of ways to make a difference for your company and for your career.

If you’re looking to step up your game at work or impress your boss, here are 10 traits that will make you a better employee (and human being):

Be Punctual: Show you value your work and the time you spend there by showing up on time. Whether you’re keeping an appointment, meeting a client, or heading to a meeting, punctuality can go a long way in being a five-star employee.

Be Helpful: Help a coworker struggling with the coffee machine or with a project. Showing initiative to help out your colleagues in big and small ways can make a huge difference for how you’re perceived at work.

Be Positive: Negative comments are infectious and only hurt your credibility. Find ways to be positive, even when dealing with frustrating clients or coworkers.

Be Teachable: We can always get better. Listen to feedback from those around you and use it to push yourself to be better.

Be Friendly: Long sighs and eye-rolls are a huge detriment to your perception. Be friendly to your coworkers, clients, and everyone in-between. And don’t forget to smile.

Be Fearless: It might be easy to shy away from a project that seems overwhelming or out of your area of expertise. If you’re presented with new opportunities, jump at them. Set yourself up for success by clarifying expectations and asking for help.

Be Dependable: Don’t be the person who conveniently takes a “sick day” the day after the company party. Be there when they need you.

Be Transparent: Make sure your boss or manager knows your intentions and goals, so they can help you reach them. Be transparent about areas you want to work on and ways you want to grow.

Be Dedicated: Follow-through is hugely important and one of the best ways to show your commitment. Finish projects well and ask if there is anything further that needs to be done. Show your dedication to your company and the task at hand.
Be Proactive: Don’t wait for work to come to you. Think bigger and find new ways to add value. By doing this, you’ll eventually work yourself into new roles and new positions by proving your willingness to work hard.