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what is the member services network?

About Us

MyMemberServices.com is a part of the Member Services Network which provides access to Professional Services, Everyday Savings, Media Consulting and Management, Travel plus much more for groups and individuals We provide access to goods and services that have been deeply discounted exclusively for subscribers to our Platinum One Year Plan.  By harnessing the buying power of our group, we can offer these services and goods at huge discounts and a Cash Back program for many online purchases so you can keep more of your money. You can ENROLL today from the Subscriptions link above.

Our History

One day we woke up after paying yet another fee to another conglomerate that was nickel and diming us to distraction and we had enough! There must be a better way, a way the consumer, the ultimate authority in a capitalist society, could stop these convenience fees. This fee and that fee are all designed to take money from us. This was why Member Services was born. We assembled a dedicated group of professionals across a broad spectrum of markets and began building relationships and creating deals for our members.

Our Vision

We provide cost savings, usually available to only a few, to everyone. Our professionals seek the best deals and Next page›opportunities to offer to our members. The combined experiences of the dedicated individuals in Member Services allow us to gain entry into most marketplaces contractually. Our knowledge and know how enable us to create huge savings for things used every day and also for those special purchases like vacations and large ticket items.